Eretes Online Classification System.

ERETES is a free platform for the owners/managers as well as flag Administrations of Dromon Bureau of Shipping (Dromon BS) Classed vessels or vessels that have been issued with statutory certification by this Bureau.

ERETES users can retrieve information of their vessels such as:

  • General information about the fleet.
  • Completed surveys.
  • Due surveys through the “Survey Calendar”.
  • Download copies of certificates and manuals.
  • Export a complete survey status.

“ERETES: Rowers of Dromon ships.”

In the 10th century AD three types of Dromon vessels distinguished. These were minor, the average and major Dromon ship. The minor Dromon ships had 25 paddles on each side and a total of 50 ERETES. It was light and fast ships used in important missions or pursue. The average Dromon ships had 50 paddles on each side at two successive rows, or 25 per row. The ERETES located on top were considered the elite rowers as well as the best fighters. The major Dromon ships had 200 eretes in two tiers. Two eretes were used for each paddle due to the large size of the Dromon ship. The size of Dromon ships has been calculated to be approximately at 35 meters and could reach up to 50 meters. Eretes where rowing Dromon ships at a speed of 6-7 nautical miles an hour.